Street Trees

Irondequoit’s urban forest is considered one of its greatest attributes. The importance of trees extends far beyond their landscape value. Trees provide cleaner air, cooler streets, improved health, lower energy costs and higher property values.

Growth Award from Tree City USA graphic (PNG)Tree City USA

In 2019, the Town of Irondequoit was designated Tree City USA, which shows the Town's commitment to maintaining a healthy urban forest. In 2022, Irondequoit’s Tree Department received a Growth Award for demonstrating an increased level of tree care and taking the necessary steps towards building a sustainable community forestry program.

Street Tree Inventory

Recognizing the importance of our tree composition, the Irondequoit Conservation Board completed a townwide street tree inventory collecting the site, size and species of every tree located along Town roadways. In 2022, the Town contracted Davey Resource Group to build on this data and create a customized Tree Inventory program. This program allows residents to view a live snapshot of our public tree community and the benefits they provide, while giving the Tree Department the tools to effectively manage the Town’s green infrastructure.

View our Tree Inventory here: Irondequoit Tree Inventory

Tree Department

The Department of Public works maintains and preserves over 10,000 trees along Town roadways and many more in Town parks, playgrounds and cemeteries. The Tree Department is responsible for the planting, pruning, treating, removing and stump grinding of trees located on Town property.

Tree Planting

Irondequoit’s tree planting program was established to replace Town trees that had to be removed. Over the years, the mortality of our mature trees exceeded the number of replacement trees. Today the Tree Department is planting hundreds of trees annually to fill vacant planting sites. If you would like your home to be considered for a new street tree, please fill out a Street Tree Request Form or contact the Tree Department for more information.

Tree Pruning

Each year, the Tree Department prunes a different section of the Town on a rotational cycle. Routine pruning is done for clearance, health, form and structure. If you think a tree needs prompt attention, please contact (585) 336-6090. The Town’s Certified Arborist will assess the tree and determine if a priority pruning is necessary. If the condition does not require immediate attention, the issue will be addressed in the next pruning cycle.

Criteria for Priority Pruning:

  • Large or excessive amounts of dead wood
  • Large broken or hanging branches
  • Limbs blocking signs or traffic signals
  • Limbs impeding vehicle or foot traffic

Tree Removal

Town trees will only be removed if absolutely necessary. If a tree must be removed, the stump will be ground, the landscape will be restored, and a replacement tree will be planted, if practical.

Criteria for Removal:

  • The structural integrity of the tree has been compromised and the risk cannot be mitigated through pruning.
  • The tree harbors pests or disease that threaten the health of surrounding trees.
  • The management needs exceed the value of the tree and conventional tree care will not extend the life of the tree beyond 5 years.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps will be ground, stump grindings removed, and lawns restored when weather permits.

Tree Care Tips

While most tree work should be left to the professionals, there are some things residents can do to help their landscape trees.

Tree Contractors

Tree Care Professionals working in Irondequoit must be licensed with the Department of Public Works and adhere to standards of practice set forth in Town Code.

A current list of these professionals can be found here: Licensed Tree Contractors

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Tree Department at: -or- (585) 336-7291