Road Maintenance

The Town of Irondequoit Department of Public Works maintains 332 lane miles of Town-owned roads.

Categories of Road Maintenance

Maintenance falls into 3 categories for roads:

  • Routine Maintenance - This includes asphalt patching, sign installation and repair, and roadway sweeping.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Surface treating provides a new wear surface and limits infiltration of water that degrades the structure of the road. Surface treating methods include crack filling, chip sealing, and slurry sealing.
  • Capital Improvement - The major rehabilitation of an entire road, which encompasses removal and reinstallation of concrete gutter and drainage inlets, milling the asphalt surface, and re-applying new asphalt.

Maintenance Efforts over the Years

The Town has aggressively invested in local roads for the past 6 years with capital improvement and preventative maintenance and the Department continues to invest for the future of quality roads throughout Town.

Below is a map of Irondequoit detailing history of roads paved between 2014 and 2020:

Paving History 2016 - 2023