Town Court

Payments Online

In an effort to better serve the public, the Irondequoit Town Court accepts payment online. Please note that online payments are available for traffic infractions and parking violations only. Fines and surcharges associated with criminal convictions and NYS "Scoff Lift" fees (fees associated with the reinstatement of NYS driver's licenses following a suspension) must be paid in person at the Court during regular business hours. Attempts to pay these fines/fees using the online service will result in the transaction being canceled by the Irondequoit Town Court.

Please note: Online payments incur a 4% service charge. To avoid this charge, payments may be made via cash or money order in person at the Irondequoit Town Court during regular business hours.

Pay Parking Ticket

For questions regarding parking violations, view the Town Court FAQs.

Pay Traffic Infractions Online

In order to pay traffic infraction tickets online, you must know both the Judge to whom the infraction was assigned and the amount of the fine due to the Court. If you have this information (ie. you have attended court or pled guilty to the ticket via mail and received a letter from the Court), please click on one of the following links as appropriate:

If you do not know the Judge to whom your ticket is assigned, please call the Irondequoit Town Court at 585-336-6040 for further information.


Irondequoit's three Town Justices typically hold court one day each week (Monday through Wednesday), with additional days sometimes scheduled for civil proceedings. Each Judge is assigned on a monthly rotation as the "on-call" Judge, making Judges available within the Town of Irondequoit to conduct arraignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Town justices are elected to four-year terms.

Court Schedule | Honorable Brian P. Green

  • Mondays at 5 pm
  • Kim Kimble, Court Clerk
  • Email Kim Kimble
  • Phone: 585-336-6040, ext. 3336

Court Schedule | Honorable Jennifer Whitman DeVoe

Court Schedule | Honorable Joseph J. Valentino

  • Wednesdays at 6 pm
  • Terri Gay, Court Clerk
  • Email Terri Gay
  • Phone: 585-336-6040, ext. 3333

Administrator of Courts

Sally Nash
The Administrator of Courts is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Irondequoit Town Court including staffing and regulatory compliance. Ms. Nash may be reached at the court offices during regular business hours at 585-336-6040.


The Town of Irondequoit Justice Court has jurisdiction over all offenses committed within the Town of Irondequoit. This may include matters covered by the following laws:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Law
  • Environmental Conservation Law
  • (Hunting-Fishing-Licensing)
  • Eviction Law
  • Navigation Law
  • Parks and Recreation Law
  • Penal Law
  • Small Claims
  • Transportation Law
  • Vehicle and Traffic Law
  • Town Code Violations