Why do we need a Community Recreation Center?

Irondequoit finds itself in an exciting time. Property values are rising. There is a growing demand to live in our community. We are seeing an influx of younger families who are looking to take advantage of Irondequoit’s many great attributes, including our schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and strong sense of community. Additionally, we are seeing an increase in senior housing to allow our longtime residents to age in place.

The Town’s recreation program has grown significantly over the past several years but suffers from a lack of space.  Just as the Town’s new library was conceived by a desire to unify a Town that embraces education, literacy, and cultural enrichment, a community center can make that Town unity even stronger by providing an amenity that most other communities already have.

If you canvassed the towns of Monroe County, most of Irondequoit’s peers either already have a town community/recreation center, a privately-run YMCA/JCC-like facility; or, both! In order for Irondequoit to continue to be competitive with other communities, we must continue to invest in our future.

Furthermore, other Towns have already done what is being proposed in Irondequoit.

  • The Town of Henrietta opened a $10 million recreation center in 2017
  • The Town of Pittsford completed a $9.2 million renovation of their Community Center in 2018
  • The Town of Chili is building a $24 million Community Center/Library

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