Tax Estimator Tool

Refencing information included on the Assessment Disclosure notice you received in March, please enter the data outlined below:

                1. 2022 Assessment

                2. New 2023 Assessment

The results generated on this page provide an estimated tax impact of the new assessment based on last year’s tax data.

Please note, this is an estimate only. Taxing jurisdictions (school, town & county) have not yet approved budgets or tax rates for the upcoming tax bills. This estimate does not include fire district, county services and any other special districts. This tool does not take into account exemptions. 

If you believe your preliminary assessment does not reflect market value, please call our partner in the reassessment project, ENMP at (585) 532-5090 for information about the informal review process or call (585) 935-5035 to schedule an informal review. Deadline for scheduling informal reviews is April 7, 2023.

If you missed the informal review process, you can still contest your assessment by Grieving the tentative assessment. For more information about this process please visit our Grievance Page.

Preliminary Assessment Tax Impact Estimator Tool

Property Assessment

Blended Tax Rate

Estimated Taxes

2022: X $44.629761 / $1,000.00 =
2023: X $30.336225 / $1,000.00 =
Estimated Change:
Estimated Per Month:

***Please note. Estimator tool calculations may differ from disclosure notice calculations due to averaged school district tax rates.***