New Business Development

The Town of Irondequoit strives to foster a business-friendly environment. Our staff is available to provide assistance to any new business or development interested in investing in Irondequoit.

All new businesses opening in Irondequoit are required to file a Change of Occupancy application and a building permit (PDF) for signage.

Change of Occupancy

This application requests information regarding the ownership and operation of the business and requires a safety inspection by the Fire Marshal to ensure all relevant state and local regulations are met. By filing this application Town staff will be able to review your business plan to determine if any additional reviews are necessary from the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Town Board, and assist you in receiving the necessary approvals.


This application allows you to install new signage that conforms with zoning regulations, to promote your business.

Depending on the type and location of the new business or expansion of an existing business, there may be other reviews required, such as:

For questions regarding what reviews may be necessary for your particular business, please contact the Department of Community Development.